All About the Public Art Process with Stephen Ross in our October Monthly Meeting

Our October #VAGFMonthlyMeeting brought the Public Art Process to the table with Stephen Ross, Public Art Coordinator from the City of Frisco. With the attendance of a good group of our members the evening was a new opportunity to keep learning about art.

Thanks to our speaker for his support and sharing such a valuable information and The Gallery 8680 for providing the space for the meeting.

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Doug King told us to be intentional with our media approach at our September Monthly meeting

A new monthly meeting was held at the Frisco Fine Art Gallery, this time Doug King talk to us about the diversity of platforms and publications available to reach out to promote our artwork. The Media is expecting a new story to capture their eyes, for that, King mentioned the importance of knowing ourselves and our work to be be able to talk and express who we are.

Thank you Doug King for the beneficial information you gave us! We learned how to approach editors and get published in different outlets, how to be engaged not just in creating our artwork but in the business aspect of it, how to be intentional and organized in our art career and much more! Great advice indeed!

Randy Jacobs (Frisco Fine Art), we can’t thank you enough for being a great host for our monthly meetings at Frisco Fine Art Gallery! Your providing us with this beautiful venue and your continuous support is very much appreciated!

Copyright and fair use workshop was a total success on our July monthly meeting

Monthly Meeting
Monday, July 15, 7-9 PM

Frisco Fine Arts Gallery, 7227 Main Street Suite 400 Frisco, TX 75034

Again with a full house, the new workshop of the lawyer Sammetria Goodson, specialized in art laws, ” Copyright and fair use” was a successful meeting to discuss the copyright and fair use of images that artists and designers must take into account during their practice and the construction of their business. Many times we are exposed to infringe the rights of others or realize that the images we publish have been used for different purposes from which we have conceived.

An interesting conference, full of questions and answers and real cases to discuss among the attendees showed us important notes to always have with us in mind to keep us on track and avoid legal problems.
This is the second time that lawyer Sammetria Goodson accompanies us in our monthly meetings. We are very thankful for her support to our organization and artists.

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