Thank you

I feel so proud to see the response from our Visual Arts Guild members and guests. We are growing every day because of your support. Thank you to my team because you all are working hard to accomplish our mission of supporting and providing opportunities for our local artists to shine. 
I welcome all our new members to the visual arts community in Frisco.  I’m looking forward to working together to further events in our flourising city.

Lina Rincon-Hoover
President, VAGF


Monthly Meeting

Monthly Meeting
Monday, November 19, 7-9 PM

3rd MONDAY of each month

Frisco Fine Arts Gallery, 7227 Main Street Suite 400 Frisco, TX 75034

Presentation from Denise Lion 

Our November meeting will feature a presentation from guest speaker Denise Lion.
Denise will share how she got into art and why her art evolved into what it is today. She will explain the idea behind her pieces in relation to the rapid rise of the technology and will talk about the use of technology to create art.

Come to join us for a fun, creative night. Members and visitors are always welcome.
We’ll also have a mini-critique during the evening, so bring a piece of artwork for friendly feedback. Framing isn’t necessary and works in progress are acceptable. We’ll draw for a prize at the meeting for participating Artists.

NOTE: if you are interested in doing a presentation at our monthly meeting please contact us at info@vagf.org (put Monthly Meeting Presentation in the subject line).

Showcase at Frisco Fine Art Gallery

We are very excited to announce that we are extending our deadline for the Showcase at Frisco Fine Art until November 09, 2018.
It’s a great opportunity to showcase your artwork, be at the gallery, mingle with potential costumers.
One easel, one Artwork.
People want to hear your whole story, build a presence in our community and start to be recognized as a local artist. Remember to also bring print materials like business cards and flyers. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth – chat with people you never know who can be interested in your work.


VAGF in the Mayor’s Office!

It is our pleasure to announce a new partnership the VAGF has with Mayor Jeff Cheney’s office and the City of Frisco Public Arts Program, which gives our artists the opportunity to display their artwork in the Mayor’s office.  
We are honored to be part of this initiative and we thank Mayor Jeff Cheney for his support to VAGF and the arts in Frisco. Our thanks also go to Stephen Ross, Public Art Coordinator, for facilitating this partnership.
Congratulations to Teresa Kreiger, our own VAGF Director of Volunteers for being the first to have her beautiful artwork in the Mayor’s office.