Call for Artist – Frisco Downtown Marker

Frisco Downtown Marker
The Frisco Downtown Merchants Association, in partnership with Frisco Association for the Arts, is seeking artistic renderings depicting a Downtown Gateway Marker, a possible large scale structure, on Main Street in Frisco, TX, which will serve to establish Downtown Frisco as a destination.
Project Description

The purpose of the call is to receive rendering for a Downtown Gateway Marker to be presented to city planners for future consideration and facilitate the conversation. This project is not sanctioned by the City of Frisco, but is a citizen-driven effort by private partners to distinguish Historic Downtown Frisco as a true destination.

Design Criteria

The renderings should reflect Frisco’s heritage and history, helping to create downtown as a destination. Ideally, the structure should also allow for a way to communicate information about downtown events.

Although submissions will not be used as construction documents and are intended only as a source of inspiration, entries that demonstrate a knowledge of realistic construction practices and the City of Frisco’s planning and permitting process will have an advantage.

Location Description

While no specific site has been selected, the desired general location is on Main Street between County Road to the east and 1st Street to the west. The specific site(s) or art location(s) are open to the artist’s discretion and vision. The site should be open to the public, visibly and recognizably in Downtown Frisco. Downtown Frisco is considered the area from 8020 Main Street to the former silos/railroad tracks, and 2 blocks south of Main, 1 block north of Main.


History of Frisco

Heritage Association of Frisco | City of Frisco

Special Considerations
1) Physical challenges of sign location (above/below grade public/private infrastructure) that would either prohibit and/or limit the signage.
2) Must meet ADA standards.
3) Any signage over the roadway needs to meet the minimum clearance height of 14-feet.
4) Attaching any signage to a building will be limited because of the building’s varying heights, and the building’s structure integrity.
Submission Requirements

Please submit the following by mail or email:

Resume or short biography
Up to 3 separate designs may be submitted by each designer.
Each design entered must consist of a minimum of two(2) two-dimensional renderings from different perspectives depicting the following:
Construction materials

The competition is open to all who are interested.
November 15, 2016
Frisco Style Magazine will award $500 for each winning design.
Selection Process
An independent panel made up of members of the Frisco Downtown Merchants Association, Frisco Association for the Arts, Frisco Style Magazine, and others will select one or more entries as the winning designs for the Frisco Style Magazine competition.
Announcement of Winning Design(s)
Selected design(s) will be announced at a reception to take place in December 2016.
Submission Address
Frisco Association for the Arts
3245 Main Street
Suite 235-352
Frisco, TX 75034
Contact Mark Amick with questions:


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