On January 1st, Frisco Arts Board President, Tammy Meinershagen announced in the Dallas Morning News – “Frisco Arts is looking forward to bringing the community together to celebrate the entire public art collection with an interactive, online map listing all locations, names of artists and mediums used. As part of this project, the Arts Board partnered with Frisco artist, and VAGF member, Milessa Murphy Stewart, who is painting a series of abstracts based on the public art. These paintings will be on display at the Frisco Arts Walk, and they are a unique way to show how art inspires us all. She began the project at the beginning of the year and is painting 52 sculptures abstracted, surreal or impressionistic.

Milessa’s first weekly project was of the beautiful and very large RED sculpture right off the Dallas North Tollway in Frisco located in the Hall Office Park.  Melissa noted, “Red is my favorite color.  Around the sculpture are some other sculptures of “people” I found interesting, too.  If you look closely at the oil painting you can see them gazing up and then another two bronze sculptures standing in front.”

Many of her paintings to-date have been the beautiful sculptures that Craig Hall, an art visionary, wine maker, entrepreneur and developer shares with the public at Hall Office Park off of the Dallas North at Gaylord and Warren.

The VAGF wants to congratulate Milessa on this wonderful honor. We are so proud of her on this accomplishment. We encourage everyone to go out to the Arts Walk to enjoy her works. Contact Frisco Arts at for more information.milessa2

This weeks #MMSProject52 includes a painting I did from the Longhorn Park.



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